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Eastwoods is something of an institution in Arcadia.There you can enjoy wholesome food with generous portions and a bustling ambiance (no matter what time of day).Is situated a stone’s throw from Loftus Versveld also a popular haunt for rugby fans.The waiters are attentive,fast and offer friendly service.The menu is enormous and well illustrated too, with plenty of photos of tempting dishes.Main course recommendations are definitely the T-Bone steak and the mini Seafood Platter. For something more traditional try the Biltong & Goats Cheese salad or the Skaapafval - curry flavoured “pens en pootjies” served with rice. Finish your meal with a selection of fine local cheeses off the cheese platter,or a hearty helping of Malva Pudding for those with a sweet tooth. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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  • 01 Jan 0001
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