AyobaDotcom Privacy code

Before using Ayoba, you agree that you understand the terms and agree that you will comply with them. If not, please do not use the site.


Ayobians are members registered with Ayoba. Users refer to Ayobians and anyone who browses the site. You refer to you as the reader and user of the site. We, our, us or Ayoba refers to Ayoba officers and administrators. Third party refers to sites that have links or information on our site. Content refer to the text, pictures and everything displayed on the site. Content may have been created by us, Ayobians or third parties.

Collection of information

Ayoba is aware of the privacy of your information, therefore we will make sure that we protect your information with all our capabilities.

  1. We collect your personal information to make sure that we provide you with services and content that interests you.
  2. Ayoba will collect you personal information when the information is posted by you or any third party.
  3. We may use the collected information to enforce out terms of use.
  4. We may share the content you submitted on the site with the third parties. Third parties my display the information in their site without your concern. Please note that we will not provide third parties with your personal information. However, your username may accompany your submissions.


  • If you do not want to receive promotional information or updates, you have an option to be removed from the mailing list. You may send an email to nofitication@ayoba.com. NB: You request may take several days to be processed.
  • Ayoba gives any party an option to change their information. You may change your personal information by editing your profile. If it is impossible to do so, please send an email to administration@ayoba.com.
  • Please note that transmitting information may not be secure, therefore Ayoba will not be responsible for security of any information sent over the internet.