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Altech Autopage Cellular

Brooklyn Mall

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I cancelled my contract after it has expired on 11 December 2014. I gave note on (one month in advance) by visiting (in person) your Shop during the week of 11- 15 January. The consultant gave notice by sending an e-mail to the authorities. My cell phone signal was cut down only on 26 February 2015 by means of a sms notification. I received a sms on Friday 27 February indicating a statement of R 434.28. I have already informed my bank authorities about Altech Autopage who refused to cancel/respect my requests after i repeated my request several times via telephone conversation. Still I received a sms informing me to upgrade my cell phone. My bank will return/refund me with R 434.28 on Saturday, 28 th February as previously arranged with them if Altech Autopage sends me an account. I will then turn to the media (news papers) to view my utter disappointment in your company! Regards DR G C VAN ROOYEN Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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