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Standard Bank - Branch

Nicolway Shopping Centre

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My daughter opened an account as she is now 17. This took in excess of an hour and a half. Her card firsty dd not work at the ATM and she had to go back to have money transferred from her old account to her new account which she was assured was done when opening her new account. Her card was stolen by way of a smash and grab a week later. On returning to the bank to get a new card she then discovered her name was spelt incorrectly on her account. Now she tried to use her new card and no EAP limit has been set on her account which now requires yet ANOTHER visit to the branch. She has been trying to complete her ID application and make payment online - again this service has left a great deal to be desired - and in fact the consultant at Standardbank recommended she actually goes to home affairs rather than use the online servce for standard bank. I am regretting my recommendation when everyone else recommended FNB Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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I asked very nicely just before the branch opened at Nicol way 8:55 to be exact if something can get sent to me as in urgently need to run and I need those ASAP. It’s now an hour and I haven’t received the email with my proof of banking.... Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • Kemi
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  • 01 Jan 0001
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