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My beef with DSTV is not in the content, but with the delivery of it. Month after month, the same problems are experienced, and there has been no resolution of them nor has there been any improvement in delivery. Here are some examples; Some time ago, I recorded the Hekkie Budler boxing match using the pre-set recording facility. I subsequently watched the fight, but the recordingstopped in round 8 of a 12 round fight. (Did no one at DSTV see this coming?) Some days later I scrolled through to what was called 'Basketball', and there was the end of the Hekkie Budler fight! Is this delivery?Pre-recorded programmes frequently stop before the end of theprogramme. Why is this still happening?Why does the sound volumeof advertisements still increase so much? This has been reported before, don't they care? It has become normal in the South African advertising world for non-English home speakers to be used in continuity and advertising content, and DSTV has bought fully into that, is it non-pc to say I don't like it? Another point: Why is the programme schedule shown in the upcoming programme field so lacking in information. There are many repeats, I don't mind that, but why do these repeats not indicate which number of a series the forthcoming event is? - No DSTV, sorry, you're just not cracking it, and that's a pretty bad AYOBA for you! Good experience! now that's Ayoba

When I has set up my dstv I had told them to start debits on the 25th pay date, this month the debit went through a couple of days later a message on my decoder stating that payment hasn't been made yet and that their services will be cut. I promptly called the centre and they acknowledged that a mistake had occurred and that I should ignore the message, to my surprise days later the decoder is off Good experience! now that's Ayoba

Due to my old decoder packed up, you could not swop my decoder for another because of your "NEW SYSTEM". You could not be of any assistance and I have insurance on this matter. I had to be without a decoder for the whole weekend and still nobody phoned me yet - I've been told not to phone, they will phone me, today is Monday, I've been at Multichoice Wonder Park on Friday evening around 18h00. I do find your service regards to the blaming of the system totally unacceptable. I've been with Multichoice for many years and this is the type of service you get - UNACCEPTABLE! Regards FP van Wyk Good experience! now that's Ayoba

This brances of multichoice don't offer us great service, because we are our decoders to them for exchange but these guys want to charge us for exchange where as we are paying for insurance (e.g) thorntree branch in soshanguve Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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