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Glen Village Shopping Centre

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  • evett.labuschagne
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    Beauty Envisaged Glen Village Shopping Centre
    14 Oct 2014
    Beautiful salon, excellent service, knowledgeable therapists. They cater for everything a lady needs!!
    Bad experience! Not Ayoba

    Luisa Bruni
    Points : 4
    Reviews: 1


    Big Al's Glen Village Shopping Centre
    24 Nov 2013
    Bad attitutude. I phoned to place an order. The lady was rude and obnoxious and proceeded to put the phone down in my ear. when i called back she was cheeky and argued with me. They dont seem to realise that consumers keep them on business, Never Ever again!.
    Good experience! now that's Ayoba

    Points : 3
    Reviews: 1


    Nandos Glen Village Shopping Centre
    03 Feb 2016
    Huge pity---got the order mixed--resulting in something paid for not being delivered. They had to deliver the missing items Anyway---food is great
    Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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