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103 Main Reef Road, Amalgam, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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  • mwapewallasonpastor

    we are looking forward to buy from you ,we are zambian who are interested and we shall be in johannesburg on 29 th oct 2015



    Every thing good affordable


    very bad experience with the security i really don't think they had the right training and i bet you 100% that they are not even register at SIRA. after assaulting my husband they realized that they got the wrong person they did not ask any questions they just did what they want. and did not even say sorry then i dont want to talk about there manager that one big joke he was swearing his guys saying if they make a mistake like that they must just say sorry yip instead of telling them to make sure and give them training he is a big joke i will never put food in china mall again not with security like that

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