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I bought earrings (studs) at an airport under the understanding that I would have service where I live in case something went wrong. I visited my local store because 3 little diamonds had dropped out within the space of 3 weeks (in 3 different studs). I went twice to the shop and each time I was told that the manager was on leave, but they told me to please leave my phone number and email address, but I wasn't contacted. In between the visits 7 days passed. I then tried to phone the store (7 times over 4 days) and no one picked up the phone. The earrings fall under a guarantee and not cheap. First visit was on 13 January. Second on 20 January. The phone number I got from their own website doesn't work, but the mall gave me a cell phone number that did work and again the manager wasn't there. I asked for the details of the area manager, but the shop attendant couldn't give it to me. I then searched for South African customer service, but it is not on their website - South Africa isn't included. Bad experience! Not Ayoba I bought a set of earrings at Amsterdam airport. They come in a box of 4. I lost 1 but enjoyed the other 3 until the crystals started to fall out one by one. The shop was totally unhelpful with a manager who was on leave, shop staff uninformed about his wear abouts or the name/tel number of the area manager. The upshot is as follows (after going to the shop twice and phoning 11 times in office hours, only answered 3 times) that this set has regular complaints, because the crystals have been "put in by hand and therefore easily drop out" and therefore "there is a 2 year guarantee", BUT if you lose one stud you guarantee doesn't count. I wasn't told this when i bought them and paying almost 50 euros for 4 studs that is unacceptable. After pushing what he could offer me, he said: "you can get a discount on your next purchase". You must be joking! i will never step foot in that shop again or buy from that chain. Bad quality jewelry and terrible service. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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