AyobaDotcom terms and conditions

Before using Ayoba, you agree that you understand the terms and agree that you will comply with them. If not, please do not use the site.


Ayobians are members registered with Ayoba. Users refer to Ayobians and anyone who browses the site. You refer to you as the reader and user of the site. We, our, us or Ayoba refers to Ayoba officers and administrators. Third party refers to sites that have links or information on our site. Content refer to the text, pictures and everything displayed on the site. Content may have been created by us, Ayobians or third parties.

Using Ayoba

  1. Please note that Ayoba contains content posted by users and third parties. We are not responsible for any abusive, offensive, inappropriate and incorrect content on the website. If you encounter any content that is incorrect or infringes any law and regulations, please let us know on as soon as possible on administration@ayoba.com . You are also allowed to click report abuse link where it’s relevant.
  2. Ayoba contains content created by Ayobians and Business Owners. We do not endorse, promote or approve any listed business, unless it is indicated.
  3. Ayoba will not be responsible to any damage, profit or direct loss, fraud or injuries to any party.
  4. Automated access to Ayoba by search engine is allowed.
  5. No one is allowed to:
    1. Harass, defraud, stalk or infringe property rights of Ayobians.
    2. Impersonate or misrepresent Ayoba with any person organisation.
    3. Access Ayoba other than the AYOBA interface.
    4. Use Ayoba or its content in surveys, junk emailing, spamming or any activities within that range.
    5. Use or force Ayoba to violate laws, regulations or the applicable industry standards code.
    6. Use Ayoba in violation of terms of use or any laws.
    7. Try to gain access to Ayoba accounts without being authorised.
  6. You acknowledge and agree that :
    • Ayoba has control over all the content therefore content can be updated or removed without notification.
    • Ayoba or some part of them can be disabled or discontinued.
    • Some experiences have been paid for by certain business so they will be displayed before other experiences.
    • Ayoba can at anytime remove and notify you of any abusive content you created in the site.
  7. You warrant to Ayoba that you:
    • Are 18 years or older.
    • Will not use swearing or unacceptable words that infringes any law, regulations or standards.

Property Rights

  1. You may download or print provided that you will not modify the content, make content to the public or use the content in any way that infringes the laws and standards.
  2. You may not re-produce Ayoba contents without written permission.
  3. You agree and acknowledge that Ayoba can publish its content to other organisations, websites and anyone whom we have a relationship with.


  1. We may provide you with notices by email or by posting content on Ayoba.
  2. Ayoba has a right to deny you a full service if you are not a registered user.
  3. Terms of service may be modified and updated at anytime. You have to visit the terms of use more regularly because the serve as a contract between you and us.
  4. Users may have to register to access the full functionality of the system. Users will provide their own password to protect their profiles, therefore users will be responsible for any content or damage to the site through their account.
  5. Ayoba have a right to change modify or discontinue the site without notification.
  6. Ayoba uses Maps powered by Google Inc. Terms and conditions can be found in their website.


You agree and indemnify Ayoba from any claim or demand made by any third party because of your violation of terms of use. Ayoba have a right to defend any matter in which you are required to indemnity us. The matter will be defended at your own expense.