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Cappello-Eden on the Bay

We joined friends of ours on the afternoon of 6 January 2011 to have a celebratory drink on the occasion of their sons having passed matric.We arrived at about 2:30pm and the 4 of us order a meal each, 1 x Schwarma Chicken, 2 x Prego rolls and 1 x Apple pie. The apple pie arrived in reasonable time and was completely finished long before the other meals even arrived. The 3 meals took in excess of 30 minutes to arrive at the table after having prompted the waiter twice about the length of time it was taking.And then the fun started. The chips with the 2 x Prego rolls was COLD, as if it had been standing somewhere for a very long time. I then took both plates into the restaurant and asked to speak to the manager. When he appeared very sour faced I explained the situation to him, he checked and confirmed the chips was cold. He then asked me "What do you want me to do about it?"!I have to be honest this took me by complete surprise. When I recovered from my surprise I asked him if Cappello's would see their way open to at least provide hot chips at which point he took the plates and stormed into the back saying he would warm the food. A couple of minutes later the plates re-appeared at the table, and yes the food was warmer.The Schwarma although very tasty did not contain all the ingredients as stated on the menu but after the reaction with the Prego rolls the person decided to have the meal as is and not complain about it.I would just like to register my utter and total disgust with the experience we had at this out let of Cappello's.PS: The first name of the manager on duty on the day in question is available should anyone want to follow this up.

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