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<UL> <LI>after a long time i decided to visit what used to be my favourite coffee shoplattelicious eastgate i had stopped frequenting there due to what i percieved to be ill treatment off staff this after one of the staff there highlighted their grevencies to me as i am a human resources legal practioner.having put this aside i went in on sunday morning 6th feband orderd a red latte to my dissapointment i was told it was not there i then asked for an ordinary latte and to my suprise wat i drank did not taste like a latte at all but like sumthing which i can hardly describe to avoid getting the poor guys in more trouble i decided to keep quiet, on exiting the place i decided to pass by the coffebar and check the spirits of the guys there to my suprise there was not even one face i could recognize i had last frequented the place in june last year .to my suprise i discovered all the bar staff had either been fired or left for greener pastures.i then reaslised that the guys who are there are training so probably they still dnt know thethe difference between a cappucino and a latte i then walked outdissapointed and on my way out coincidentiallyi met a guy who used to beone of thebarristers there sometime ago and he told me the reasons behind all this andall i have to say to management is treat your staff right and your business will grow treat them bad and they will go.i dnt want to dig to deep into what is going on there but all i can say please do something beforeyoutarnish your brand image we are paying customers and we deserve the best which we will not get if your staff are not motivated.iwished my friend well and he told me he was happy at his new home and even invited me to come try his lattes that side i told him i would do so but hoped the new guysat lattelicious would get itright thank GOD one or two waiters i knoware still around as it is always nice to be greetedby a familiar face the last time i was there the poor guys were not happy and complained of being denied basic rights i will be back and find out what is going on because its a shame to see what i once considered my favourite place no longer pleasurable to next time any one of you go there please share your experience with me as i hope my contribution will make a difference</LI></UL>

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