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Park Lane Jewels

What a great service. I was looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend last year, and found something we both liked on an expensive jewellery website ( - but it was way out of our price range.I went to Park Lane Jewels, and they made up the same ring for me in platinum (with a few modifications I wanted) and it came it at about 10% of the price. We went back for the wedding bands, and are still amazed at what a great deal we got.We've been married for almost 4 months, and my wife still loves her ring.

Wombles Steak House-Parktown

Pretty amazing steak house - excellent service, great selection of food and wine.Steaks are so good, I've never bothered trying anything else.Not the cheapest around, but well worth the price.

Radium Beerhall

The oldest surviving pub in Johannesburg, what a great spot. They have a massive solid wooden bar to rest your head on at the end of a good night.Great live bands a few nights a week, great food - Tuesday half price pizza. Drinks are reasonably priced, and they always chill the beer mugs in the freezer!A nice bunch of old and young people, and quite a mix of different classes - such a welcoming pub seems out of place on Louis Botha, but the parking is pretty secure. I always meet a bunch of nice people when I go, and I haven't even tried out the rooftop garden yet.Well worth visiting.

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