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Wimpy- Pretoria Central(Opera Plaza)-Pretoria

It's just too ayoba,the service is always up to standard, quick and people there are lively and so full of enthusiasm. love their muffins extremely mouth-watering especially chocolate praline hmmmmmm :-)

News Cafe-KarenPark

Well,well this one byanong dia boa---go manate pap...It's trendy, has status and not forgetting the vibe.It offers a unique, relaxed and entertaining dining experience, giving a little more than expected. Has best shooters <strong>flaming lamborghini</strong>(not for the fainthearted and parental guidance advised) as well as <strong>psychopath </strong>described as a "blowjob" with teeth eish not forgetting <strong>psycho jack(</strong>with a fan base as big as the glass it comes in, this intoxicating mix of jack daniel’s, southern comfort, butlers strawberry liqueur and lemonade is worthy of the golden crown of captain morgan spiced gold, butlers banana liqueur and mango juice it is topped with<strong>) Now this is aboya!!! PS:Was just trying them out hey bt nt the same day n if you go 4 flaming pls dont drink it with other stuff e tla go bontsha spok boschsssss :-)</strong>

TRT Joint-Bloemfontein

The place is chilled, the atmosphere is awesome....Mzansi's finest dj's also do their potoko when they are certain celebrations and events taking place there and mostly its resident dj's being on fire making everyone dance like they going to win a price.The environment is very accommodating I like the fact that you have everything in one yard go there and check it out. TRT Joint @ Living Stone Complex Rocklands :-)


Eastwoods is something of an institution in Arcadia.There you can enjoy wholesome food with generous portions and a bustling ambiance (no matter what time of day).Is situated a stone’s throw from Loftus Versveld also a popular haunt for rugby fans.The waiters are attentive,fast and offer friendly service.The menu is enormous and well illustrated too, with plenty of photos of tempting dishes.Main course recommendations are definitely the T-Bone steak and the mini Seafood Platter. For something more traditional try the Biltong &amp; Goats Cheese salad or the Skaapafval - curry flavoured “pens en pootjies” served with rice. Finish your meal with a selection of fine local cheeses off the cheese platter,or a hearty helping of Malva Pudding for those with a sweet tooth.

The Carnivore-Muldersdrift,Gauteng

Went there for lunch and it was ayobalicious ayobaful.U get a chance to taste their “Dawa” (the traditional house cocktail of vodka, honey and lime).What i love about the place is that you get a selection of succulent charcoal grilled and domestic meats cooked to perfection over an open fire.Waiters circulate wielding the Masaai spears with at least 15 types of game &amp; domestic meats, ranging from beef, chicken, boerewors,lamb to ostrich, kudu and crocodile, to name just a few—all charcoal-grilled and expertly carved directly onto your hot cast-iron plate.Hmmmmm a tasted crocodile and snake they are mouthwatering but my favorite stays kudu and impala monate wa tsona o tswa ka ditsebe.The place also has wine cellar with superb selection of well-known wines to compliment the meal.They also house a variety of whiskey,brandy,cigars and other alcoholic drinks.GO THERE AND EAT AS MUCH AS U WANT, nearly forgot my name that's how extra full(ayobarased) i was, to top things i just had to have dessert as well :-)

Primi Piatti-Bloemfontein

A place to chill no enjoy good food with great company and sipping a good drink.Went there for drinks the idea was not to drink anything hectic or boring. The service was perfect, everything was just on spot the waiter was just full of life and was so marvelous. Decided to have cocktails and wow i just went straight to ordering LIPTON TEAPOTS Primi's signature cocktail served in a teaport.Ended up ordering<strong> LIPTON RASPBERRY TEAPOT </strong>which has a mixture of Mainstay, apple sours, laced with cherry liqueur,Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum, lemon juice and Raspberry Ice Tea.Its that iisssssssshhhhh. Ayoba ppl!

Karoo Cattle and land-Centurion

That place is mos def ayobaful, had lunch there with authentic food served in a stylish and up market atmosphere. Ordered karoo braai(200g sirloin,boerewors,chips &amp; a loin chop prepared in piri piri). I really recomment ayobians 2 go there n hav a meal of their life,its affordable. What i like abt the place is that its traditional South African.The services is top class, u feel comfortable n njoy ur meal, dessert is just awesome.Ayoba Karoo! :-)

Capital Underground-Rosebank

<h3>This is mos def da plek 2 b @, the music is fantabulous, its hapenning i tel ya gwa diralang ka setswana,go monate wayawaya motshito o tswela pele...Went there 4 two consecutive days its rockus &amp; no need 2 check ur horlossie as its nt necessary da only tym wil b when the dj's pack their stuff then u will realise OMG go vroeg n u stil as energetic as lyk u jst got there.The entrance fee is w<span style="font-weight: bold;"><span style="font-style: italic;"></span></span>orth it...go &amp; check it..Ayeye ryt nw!!!! *smile*</h3>

Inc. The Club-Braamfontein

No words can describe how extra, super and awesome it is at The INC go monate pap ke a bolelela.There are committed parketing safety,No nonsense, ‘in-the-know’, welcoming hostesses and receptionists and fast, skilled, trained, world-class bar service.Music is out of this world, the clud is divided into two house section upstairs n hip hop section downstairs so u can choose which ever one makes u tick or have share of both worlds.I recommend it, its worth every penny, go there and have ayobalious time.

Shisa Nyama-Midrand

What a super doper place 2 b @,chilling with ur friends listening 2 gud music.Lyk the fact that security is awesome, u feel at ease no worries just enjoying urself wayawaya, no wrong, no flop go monate da.The vide, environment itself is out of this world, more that HoTTTT!!! GO there and have time of ur life with ur friends. NO REGRETS!!!!

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