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Telkom-Greenstone Shopping Centre

Store Manager. I visited your store this morning to do a sim swap, the First Lady that I saw was great and helpful but the lady called Mabola is a total mishap to work with the public, I was at your store on a previous occasion and she helped me then with the excact same stinking attitude when I asked her what her problem was she claimed that I was confused but the only one confused was her because she already came to the desk with an attitude. When I said she needs to be more helpful and I said that I would report her she said it was ok to report her she didn't care if I did. I think this attitude is not good in an inviroment when dealing with the public and if she doesn't have the know how to deal with the public I suggest she moves on to where she will be happy in what she does. I am looking forward to your reply. Kind regards. Doug kroon

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