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Woolworths Supermarket -Nicolway Shopping Centre

I would like to commend Woolies Nicolway for their cleanliness,I always go to buy their fresh bread at the end i find myself using a trolley . Yesterday I went at about 16H20 to be exact and my eye caught a fresh succulent roast and I went for it as I had bought Butter chicken not so long ago. I showed the CSA the one I would like to have and I even confirmed after she had wrapped it as she was writing the code manually. They both confirmed that is the one I have asked for I went on asking is it Barbecue chicken the other one next to her said no its Oriental. I asked is it not hot and she said no!. To my dismay when I got home it was Butter Chicken the one I had bought not so long ago. I am extremely pet tubed by their attitude I am not that worried about my money but I see them not doing themselves any favor by treating their customers like that. I find their demeanor inappropriate and appalling however they are also degrading a good and favored Brand.

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