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Cappello-Eden on the Bay

The absolute WORST restaurant I have EVER been to.The service is absolutely appalling!My friends and I (5 of us in total) stopped in to have a "quick" lunch at Cappello. We knew exactly what we wanted and ordered from the waiter immediately. Thereafter, 20 minutes elapsed without even receiving a single drink. Eventually we had to hunt down our waiter who only brought the drinks once prompted.Another 20 minutes(thats 40 minutes in total so far)went by and we still didn't have our food yet. So again, we went on the hunt for our waiter again (important to note that other waiters will not serve you directly, but will "call" your waiter, which obviously never happens). We finally find our waiter who then brings out 2 pizzas (only half the order, there are still 3 dishes still to be delivered). No surprise, the pizzas do not have the correct toppings at all. Also no surprise, we have no utensils. So, back on the hunt for the waiter again.Another 20 minutes passes (thats at least 60 minutes in total now), the two pizzas have been eaten as is because we are too worried they will never return to us, and the other 3 dishes still have not arrived!We hunt down the waiter AGAIN and demand to speak with the manager. 10 minutes later, the manager comes out, but when confronted with the issue, he is just totally flustered. He has absolutely no idea what to say or do to rectify the problem. I demanded that he personally deliver the bill to us immediately so that we could at least leave and get some food elsewhere.The manager came back to us some time later with a bill that was totally incorrect, still silent with no apology, no solutions and no idea. Thankfully, one of my friends had the patience to go through it with him to get it correct.The entire ordeal lasted around an hour and a half. From a table of 5 people, the bill came to just over R100. In actual fact, they should be paying me for wasting my Sunday afternoon.I for one, will NEVER, EVER go to Cappello again. In fact there are now at least 5 customers they have lost forever, and likely many more that we have told the story to.

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