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Caffiain Coffee Roastery-Kensington

A roastery where you can watch your coffee being roasted, select from coffees from all over the world, and walk away with a 250g packet for a mere R45,00 ! Enjoy any coffee made for you in a very informal environment for a mere R10,00 Speak to Iain Wade the owner, for a fascinating 'tour' of world coffees. I am hooked on their Costa Rica, a rich medium roasted Arabica coffee - wonderful! Support this new shop please, we want him to be here for ever!

Super Sconto-Orange Grove

This is a real Italian experience, devoid of any outside influences; it is uncompromisingly true to its Italian roots, and if you want the quality without the frills, then this is the place for you. As a kick-off, try breakfast there on a Sunday morning; order a perfect fresh ciabatta roll and select your fillings from mortadella, prosciutto crudo, melanzane, pickled artichoke and much more. Top that with a fresh coffee or capuccino, and then go downstairs for a selection of imported Italian produce, including cheeses, wines, grappa, pastas, biscotti and an endless list of other temptations. At the deli counter, fight off the Mamas with their baskets, and compete with them for attention! Bene, bene, bene!

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