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FNB - Branch-The Glen Shopping Centre

The Glen Branch - Yesterday I went through to the branch personally - requesting information on my husband's account (debit order details - I was looking for a contact number possibly a policy number - I was given a number on the system which is Nedbank - who the person recieving the amount banks with- I was advised by Nedbank to call "my branch" and request that they do a trace - more particular I need to request something about a bank service) - I called just now to the FNB at the Glen and came across a person that irated me more than help me. Eventually she got it right (well I hope so) After going through all the security questions and asking me if I have signing powers, I understand that, that is part of her duties, but me having to repeat myself whilst doing this is annoying - why did the teller not assist me correctly the first time, and secondly the consultant can hear that I am annoyed and me repeating myself constantly, then decides to tell me that she cannot help me because I do not have my husbands bank card with me. When we requested signing powers on the account at NO STAGE was I told that I would need to have my husbands card on me or for that reason have an FNB card on me. I do not have a card nor do I want one. At this stage I told your consultant that she was irrating me and that I needed to chat to a supervisor or manager - she put me on hold apparently spoke to a teamleader and came back to me only to tell me that the teamleader said that it was ok to proceed with my request. In my opinion and I work in the call centre environment. Your telephonic consultant needs more customer care practice and she needs to learn how to communicate and listen to what the client is saying, she cannot make up the rules as she goes along - if she doesn't know put the client on hold and ask!!!! My first time that I have ever called the Glen regarding this type of query and to tell you that I thought that the service was pathetic is an understatement. Firstly ! I should not have had to waste my time calling in and getting fraustrated with your service had the teller done there job right the first time yesterday. My call to Nedbank yesterday was an absolute pleasure , they were to the point and gave me the correct information within a few minutes. Your consultant just kept saying thank you every second sentence instead of dealing with the issue. You need to say the client's name 3 times in a converstation - you can say thank you 3 times as well during the conversation - Listen, understand and execute that's it. Let's see if I get the help that I requested.

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