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McDonalds-Gateway Mall

We ordered meals yesterday towards 7pm and the guy that helped us with our order on his mobile machine told us a price of R194... but when we got to paypoint they told us R197.. He did get the supervisor/manager together with the cashier and I was not happy to be made to pay more than what I had been told upon ordering. Customer service is not what I witnessed yesterday as the price difference is not for me as a client. Supervisor was happy to tell me I can cancel order if I don't feel like paying the extra R3 which is blamed at McDonald's system not being updated on prices. If it was not for the hungry kids, I was happy to cancel and move on...This is something I have to take it going forward in terms or thinking McDonald or other places... We never expected a supervisor not to be able to take a decision to make sure the customer was happy when in actual fact the fault was for the restaurant....

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