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Edgars-Gateway Mall

I had an amazing shopping experience today at Edgars Umhlanga. I wanted to spend my gift voucher so I decided a perfume will be the best thing to buy. On arrival at the perfume section we were greeted and attended by a very friendly, young African lady. I was impressed by how much energy and time she had, and even understood my preferences and made me try more fragrances with similar tones. She took my "Just buying a perfume" to a whole new exciting level. I ended up buying My Burberry, which was her suggestion of course and I DON'T REGRET IT! It was very unfortunate that in all the excitement I didn't get her name, but she's pretty, fair in complexion and has a gap* I hope she doesn't shoot me for that poor description*. My husband and I learnt something today from this positive shopping experience as we run our Private Clinics. Thank you From a satisfied Zama Simelane

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