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MTN-MooiRivier Mall

It is the worst cell phone shop that I ever visited. Or your reps don't know what they are do or are bullshitting and are lying to me. I was there on Wednesday 21st of January to open an additional account for the Steppa Tablet (wish I never did it, no I feel like closing my other account as well) after completing my application for the additional contract, the rep tell me that the system is offf and I must come back tomorrow if I get the sms to upgrade my other contract. I am waiting now 2days for that sms and he promised me he will keep the tablet aside for me. Now it's Friday (2 days later) no sms no reply from the rep) while I am standing in the line I over heard someone asks an employee of MTN if there are any tablets left, and the guy said no and that he don't know when they are getting stock again. So I think by-myself nice lying to your customers after promising them the tablet. So now I wonder if the Rep even processed my application for I additional contract. I got way better service from Nashua Mobile, it's a pity they closed. So thanks a lot MTN for ruining my sons dream of having a tablet for school.

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