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ABSA - Branch-Fourways Mall

Firstly they call me and ask if i wsnt a credit card i say no i dnt thank you. Next week uti calls and asks whr to delivery my card so i said no i dnt want it then they tell me i MUST take it...i check my online banking and this stupid credit card reflects. I DONT WANT IT! I call in, there is a kind lady that checks on the system and tells me the name of the lady who gave me the card and at which branch. I call the branch and they have never heard of that name before. Secondly why do you need my payslips if i have had this account more than 5years...cant u see there what comes in and goes out?! My proof of residence really?! I HAVE AN ACCOUNT HERE! SLowest service EVER. THEY DON'T GO THE EXTRA MILE TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. other banks are open later and if not later then open on a Sunday...they close on the earliest time on a Saturday then you stand in a loooong line wasting time. I am changing to fnb or nedbank asap.

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