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Arusha Consulting-Burgersfort

I can tell you this guys are what we call perfectionists! just a taste of their skills, all your problems solved.............!

leshabane Technologies-Burgersfort

<UL> <LI> <H3 align=left>Self-motivated and hard working Technician in the entire System Support with experience in LAN and WAN SUPPORT, possessing a high level of integrity. </H3> <LI> <H3 align=left>Able to use initiative and work as part of a team, generally motivate and encourage a positive attitude on any given situation. </H3> <LI> <H3 align=left>Developing knowledge and experience by taking part in every opportunity of practice, possible as it is. </H3> <LI> <H3 align=left>Ambitious and eager to take on new challenges, very inquisitive in adventuring into the unknown. An effective communicator at all levels within an organization. Have very strong analytic skills, good interpersonal skills, very energetic, calm, helpful, confident and also able to work under pressure and adaptive to change of environments. </H3> <LI> <H3 align=left>Identification of business critical applications, Key business intelligence requirements, Security architecture and administration, System architecture and scalability, Backup and recovery processes as well as plans and priorities, Data integrity, protection and retention.</H3> <LI> <H3 align=left>Evaluation of database architecture and integration, Networking infrastructure including wireless and mobile connectivity, Environmental: Machine Room, Air Conditioning, Wiring, UPS and Power Supplies, End user software and hardware support, Server support and maintenance, Personnel resources and critical support personnel, Disaster recovery and Business Continuity.</H3></LI></UL>

Letech Solutions-Burgersfort

Best ICT Service I have ever met in my life! The people are as friendly you will feel like home, and their services are of good quality.


Service was so magnificent and the meat, so ayoba

Sekoko Resources-Johannesburg

This is one company that aligns their prospecting activities to maximize their involvement in the downstream industrial and commercial opportunities rather than simply become a supplier of raw minerals, so empowering!

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