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Zone Fitness -Trade Route Mall

Firstly I missed my debit for December payment and ZONE FITNESS debited my account again in Jan 5.10 and 20.if there weren't any money ins December why would you debit 3 times in January but I take responsibility for that,I get sms saying I owe and need contact Nishen , I contact Nishen we discuss outstanding balance I advise I would pay month end and also at the sametime notify of my cancellation as I no longer want to gym there,they debit the outstanding balance which I owe and again debit premium for new month this is also after bank charged me 3 x R115.00 for the 3 debits they made and now I am enquiring about when I would get my refund for the false debit for new month as I advised I would like to cancel and only response I get is my cancellation has been sent to admin nobody want to commit about my refund or credit to date,its almost a month since I complained and nothing happened,all this is over and above me calling few times not getting hold of the right people and after getting hold of them they promise the manager would call by end business day it never happened. When you owe they quick to sms and call but now that the wheel is turned they have a don't care attitude towards your query, Totally poor poor poor customer service

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