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Teatro Monte Casino-Monte Casino

Stomp! GO AND SEE IT! And in case you didn't get that. GO AND SEEEEEEEEE IIIIIT.The show literally blew everyones mind. Standing ovations all around. It was just awesome.<a href=""></a>


What a great new place! We landed up gate crashing the invite only opening night, ha ha! We had no idea, we just walked in and happily helped ourselves to the free food they were handing out. It was only after making friends with a crowd who knew the owner did we figure out that we were not supposed to be there.We had an amazing time and I think this shoulddefinitelygo on your list of places to check out.Its a dinner/cocktail lounge where you can take a crew and just enjoy the trendy setting, good food and conversation.Definitely Ayoba!

Geyser Genius

Great Service! 100% satisfied with Gus's work. He arrived with an hour of my phone call to him on a Saturday and he managed to sort the problem out in no time. Thanks Gus!


Some friends and I took a drive down to Mankele on Saturday morning for a bit of mountain biking fun. It's a resort dedicated to mountain biking withmagnificent trails and excellent facilities.We landed up in one of their 8 sleeper log cabins for 250pp per night. There is also a camping ground if thats more your style, but at 250pp we figured it was worth the extra comfort.It is an extremely well run establishment and I highly recommend paying them a visit if biking is your thing. They have trails for all levels of riding experience so you don't need to worry about finding your self in over your head. That is as long as you follow the signs correctly, which we didn't... a few scrapes and bruises later we found our selves home safe.

Olive Lounge

<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: 16px; "><div style="font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 12px; margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; width: 100%; height: 100%; ">"For all to enjoy" is probably slightly biased... Rocking vibe but be warned!!This place is nothing more than a restaurant that some guy has turned into a night club for emo's!!!! ha, ha, rock and roll in it's purist form.This place is in constant conflict with the law, due to the unruley drunks and addicts who roll out into the car park at 3AM.So if you want to check this out you better makes plans soon before it goes down in a ball of flames!I think thursday is the night to go, but stand to be corrected</span>

The Colony Arms

Love this place. Interesting crowd, good food and karaoke on Saturday! You cant go wrong.

Classic Corner Headquaters

CCHQ is another must see before you die kind of place. I had heard a lot about it before, which was themotivationfor going and I was not disappointed.It is a little scene with regard to it's patrons and as such you need to be in the know around when to go. It was a bit quiet since we were not in the know and we landed up there on what seemed to be the wrong night.I will be watching this palce closely and I will share events with you guys on Ayoba!If you are into things which are a little out of the ordinarydefinitelygive CCHQ a try.

2B Cuisine

These guys have a really nice menu and everything is well presented and tastes great! They have revamped the Epsom Downs shoppingcentreso sitting on the patio and digging into a breakfast is a pleasure.


Allimento's is toPortuguesefood what Fratelli's is to italian food. Great food at a good price.

Ball Breakers-Fourways

I have been going here for years and old friends brought took me back there over the holiday season so thought I should add it to Ayoba.The have revamped the place since I was last there are and its looking amazing. Used to be a bit of a dive, but as far as pool halls go they have done well.They also have this awesome digital jukebox with music to suite anyones taste.I cant seem to find the contact details for this place, so if anyone has them please post them up.


Booked on the spur of the moment for a relaxing weekend away. Wasn't to sure what to expect but got a very pleasant surprise.They have 5 or 6 beautifully furnished self catering units each with their own built in braai!Not a big bird watching fan but Ekukhuleni prides themselves on being a great spot for this.About 20 mins away from hartebeesport dam, and dead in the middle of other great outdoor activities ensures there is no shortage of things to keep you busy.Highlyrecommended for a break from the stresses of the city!

Southern Sun-Hyde Park

I heard from a friend that the Southern Sun Hyde Park has a great bar with a beautiful view over jozi. I decided to check it out on Saturday afternoon for lunch and a few drinks, and I wasn't disappointed.Definitely Ayoba and worth checking out.

White Boy Shebeen

<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; color: rgb(0, 0, 128); line-height: 12px; ">Excuse the pun, but their afro-fusion dishes are the best around town. The place has a really festive vibe and they offer a great mix of spirits, wines and shooters. I would recommend having the<span lang="EN-GB" style="padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; border-top-width: 0px; border-right-width: 0px; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px; border-style: initial; border-color: initial; outline-width: 0px; outline-style: initial; outline-color: initial; font-size: 11pt; vertical-align: baseline; background-image: initial; background-repeat: initial; background-attachment: initial; -webkit-background-clip: initial; -webkit-background-origin: initial; background-color: transparent; border-style: initial; border-color: initial; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; background-position: initial initial; ">Ubuntu Bite</span>shooter!</span>

Purerush Industries

Went sand boarding on a mine dump in Boksburg with these guys, epic fun!Give them a call to make a booking. You start out at the news cafe in boksburg where they take you through to a mine dump.Be prepared to get sand EVERY WHERE!

Piatto-Sandton Square

Nice relaxed place and great for business lunches. Has at least one thing on the menu that every one will enjoy. Staff are friendly and helpfull, thumbs up!

Monte Casino

Aaaargggg... I lost my car for an hour! They have the most confusing parking lot around... so take note of where you parked.But besides my inability to navigate parking lots they have a lot to offer. Personally not my cup of tea but there is tons to do and a great place to take out of towners when you run out of other things to show them.

The Red Room

We had a crazy good time and plan on heading back for more some time. It's areally cool alternative hang out with music which will rock your foundations.We met a couple of suicide girls melting faces on the dance floor making it all the more interesting. If you don't know what suicide girls are then prepare your self for yet another life changing experience and check out<a href=""></a>and<a href=""></a>which are 2 of SA's own!Ayoba!

Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

What a great place, a gem of Johannesburg for sure. It's one of the very few places where you can go chill out on the grass and soak up some sun in peace.There is a small entrance fee but well worth it. They have a coffee shop inside which can provide you with some grub but you can't go wrong with putting a pick nick together.If you have a free afternoon over a week end then get down there!

Emmarentia Dam

Rocked out at RAM fest on Saturday afternoon. I got to witness Pendulum play which blew my face off!I would imagine that this venue would be great for any event/function and would be well worth the visit.

Cajees Cycle Corner-Fourways

I have just got into the whole mountain bike scene and landed up buying by bike from Cajees. Having not known better I thought I was getting a deal however as I have learned a little more it seems I have been ripped off.Their prices are bloated and I'm not convinced they give you the best advice. You would be better off to start shopping online at a place like to get a better feel for what you should be paying.


Great male hair salon with really cool bunch of people on the staff which makes this experience loads of fun.Namitha youre an Artist!

Fabz Estate

Fabz Estate is situated in the heart of Lonehill but once inside it is difficult to believe that you are still in bustling JHB.Absolutely beautiful venue well fit for a wedding. Landed up here for my moms birthday, which just happens to be on valentines day so I had the chance to experience their valentines day menu, which was excellent!Great place if you want to experience a bit of old school dining with a modernflair.


Great relaxed family vibe, and possibly the best pizzas in JHB with an interesting selection of toppings.Has a great view if you manage to get a table on the balcony, I don't think they take bookings though...Don't go there if you have a problem with kids, can get pretty noisy!All in all definately worth a visit, if not for anything else but a great pizza!

Govertical Mountaineering Adventures

I do not possesses the appropriate writing skills to describe just how awesome this adventure was. And I have not used the word "adventure" here lightly.I felt an overwhelming sense of achievement after surviving a kloofing adventure with go vertical, and I highly recommend this experience to any one looking for something to take their minds of the stresses of the city. There is nothing like fearing for your life to take your mind off the relatively mundane problems of city life!The guides were highly professional and the whole operation was slick and well prepared.It cost us R390.00 per person at the time of writing, and it was money well spent. In my opinion they could charge more, and it would still be worth it.Just to inform those who don't know what kloofing is. We were taken into a canyon/gorge and climbed all the way up and overboulders, rivers and water falls and then traversed all the way down again. You are required to use helmets and harnesses to achieve this, so you can use your imagination as to what is required here.The most fun I have had for years hands down! You have to check this out.


I grew up in fear of this place as i'm sure you have heard the rumors. But I was pleasantlysurprisedby truth.Rockingmusic and a fun loving crowd made for a pretty good time.If you are at a loose end with a new place to go and youhaven'tbeen here youdefinitelyneed to check it out.


Green Side in generalguarantee'sa good time and Gin isdefinitelyworth the visit if you are in the area. Its a night club/bar with music and dancing which caters mostly a student vibe.It seems to be one of those places which has its group of dedicated Gin patrons which adds to the overall atmosphere.Theres no entrance fee but there is an age restriction, which I think is 21...Hope to go back soon.

Home to the Amazing Race Joburg! I will upload some images of this months race (10 Oct 2009) which Ayoba was a part of.I didn't take part in the race this year, was to busy trying to get things sorted out on Ayoba. Will be there like a bear next time though...And what an epic after party!!!! Will be paying for it in pain and suffering the whole week I think...More info on the Amazing Thinking, Laughing, Frustrating race for charity can be found here<a href=""></a>


Absolutely epic place! Enormous portions to satisfy the biggest appetite. It's basically a sit down/take away joint so you can't go wrong to pull through for a relaxed meal.As an aside they sell hubblies and tobacco there too.

Teatro Monte Casino-Monte Casino

Landed up here to watch the "Wheel of Life" show which was amazing! Its an amazingtheaterand i'm sure that any show hosted here would be worth the visit.My only complaint would be to the bar service during interval. The staff were all over the place and you would think they would have their act together by now, since they do the same thing nearly every night!!! seriously pull it together!

The Toyota MTN Cycle Park

Just bought a Mountain Bike and went to the Cycle Park to try it. Most fun I have had in years!!! If you have been thinking about getting into this stop thinking and just get into it, awesome!

Wonderwall Climbing Gym

As the name describes it's a climbing gym, a wall climbing gym to be more specific. I am by no means an avid climber however this was an awesome way to spend a Saturday morning.You will need to go with a friend or 2 because you will need someone to hold on to the other end of the rope so if... make that when you fall you wont hit the ground.It costs roughly R80.00 for the whole thing, which includes the R50.00 entrance fee and rental of the harness, shoes and other climbing bobs.Really really awesome and would make a great team building experience!


The first thing you notice about Metro is the cool vibe created by it's vintage decor... feels like you stepped into a time machine. The only complaint I have is their chairs are not so comfy, looks like they got them out of an old hotel or something.But this is a small price to pay since the food is epic at a reasonable price.Excellent place for a get together with friends. They even have a special birthday song if it's your birthday! and no it's not "Shorty it's your birthday", but close...

Central Grill-Fourways

Landed up here for Christmas Eve with family and friends and had a fantastic time. The place has an excellent vibe and I highly recommend it.It is situated in Cedar Square so you have a couple of options for a night out afterwards if you feel like a bit of a party.Just to add they have a great selection of whiskeys to try out.

Guthries Shooting Range

Ever just waned to blow shit up? Well you can do it here!My motivation for going to this place came from "Dawn of the Dead". If zombies ever attack, I need to be able to shoot a gun.Chose to shoot a standard issue hand gun, the name escapes me but there is a whole range of destructive toys to choose from. I paid around R350.00 for 50 rounds of awesome.If youre feeling stressed give this place a try. Nothing feels as good as firing off a couple of rounds, except perhaps for firing off a couple of rounds... wink wink, pun intended, ha ha!

The Woods Paintball

Had an absolutely epic time! Most fun I have had at a paint ball range ever.These guys are super jacked. The equipment is well maintained and the playing fields are world class (not a paint ballconnoisseur but seemed pretty awesome).Highlyrecommended!

Rodizio-Leaping Frog Shopping Centre

Worth a visit for something different. They have a "Rodizio" service which is R118.00 for all you can eat which is pretty good. The idea is that they bring big scewers of meat to your table giving you the option to pick and choose what you want to eat. Wouldn't make a habit of it, you can see who the regulars are if you know what I mean...

The Schwarma Co-Norwood

You have not had a schwarma until you have had a schwarma co schwarma!Anat has nothing on these guys.Has an awesome atmosphere, almost feels like you are overseas. Nothing like that holiday feeling to enhance the taste of the awsome schwarma you get, ha ha!And I see they do party trays from their website; convenient? I think so...


Dropped in to catch a quick bite to eat after work and had an excellent time! Nice selection on the menu and the food is good. Got to relax with a beer in the open air, perfect!

Tasha's Cafe-Sandton

They probably have the best freshly squeezed fruit juice I have ever had; ever!I would go back just for that...A really cool lunch vibe and great food makes for an AYOBA experience. Great spot for a business lunch.

Pomodoro Ristorante

Situated in the brand spanking new Morning Side shopping center with a great outside area to relax and soak in that summer fealing =)We went there for a great business lunch which went down well with everyone. They have a menu which has something for everyone. We had great service from the waiters and pleasent overall.A safe bet if you need to organise a meeting or business lunch due to its relaxed but proffesional vibe.

Blues Room

We got to see Dan Patlansky play which was a bit of a blast from the past. We had a rocking time but the food at the blues room is just really really really bad! You guys have to do something about it!!!!Blues Room is Ayoba, the food they serve is not, so I suggest eating some where before hand.

Jolly Roger

A well known favourite which doesnt need much of an introduction.Always have a great time, especially while digging into the half price pizza in the shade on the second floor balcony on a lazy sunday afternoon, with a beer of course...Be sure to get there early though, this place fills up quickly and you may have to settle for second best, which is Jolly Cools (aka Jolly Backup) directly across the street.

Sloane Meat Market-Sloane Square Shopping Centre

Coolest grocery store ever and probably the last of it's kind in the fourways/bryanston area. They specialise in meat, hence sloan meat market, but they have a whole range of things and a particulaly big selection of spices.They event have a help your self slushy machine, yes... I know!

Innesfree Park-Sandton

Rocking Innesfree park for the opening game! Ayoba!


I wassurprisedby Hooters to be honest. I thought it was going to look like wimpy with crack addicts in tiny shorts servinggreasyburgers and brown crap which you hope are either onion rings or chips... but it was totally rad!It's has a serious main stream vibe and when we went onSaturdayit was heaving!Definitelyworth checking out.

The Colony Arms

checking out colony arms quiz night. Will let you know how it goes.

Bowls Club-Zoo Lake

I hope I got the name right, never sure if it's the bowls club or just bowls club.In any event, totally rad student hang out with what must be the cheapest drinks in JHB.Cool people, great food cheap beer! perfect!


Had another great meal here last night, great place.


They make their own beer! I should stop here but it gets better.. You can actually meet the guy (Gil) who makes this beer.Top of my list for a chilled afternoon in the sun with some pub grub and a pint of beer named "Serious", yes, they named their beer "Serious".Defintaley worth a visit!P.S There is loads of stuff to do here besides drinking a serious beer, check out their website for details.

The Manhattan Club

Parking - R20.00, Entrance R80.00, Drinks R200.00. Realising that I never want to go back here... priceless!I loved it once upon a time but It's just not Ayoba any more. The music is bad and the people are worse, unless you are between the age of 17 and 19, steer clear!

Circus Circus

I went down with the family to Durban for a wedding over the weekend, and we landed up at Circus Circus for breakfast on a Saturday morning.My family is difficult to please when it comes to restaurants but Circus Circus managed to do just that.They have a great selection on their menu, their service is slick and the food was great. Ayoba!

St Elmos-Walmer Park

Great pizza, ribs and sea food! The manager is exceptionally obliging and willing to try meet your every need. Definately worth a visit for an afordable family meal.

Blues Room

Simply awesome live music venue and I wish there were more like it. Really relaxed vibe with something happening all the time. Rock up there for some grub, drinks and live music/show They also do some amature night stuff, so if you have a band and you are looking for a place to place, contact these guys.

Northern Farm

Just getting into mountain biking and heard about Norther Farm as a great place for MTB trails.Wasn'tdisappointed! R20 gets you access to miles of trails through beautiful scenery. Had a great experience and plan to go back as soon as possible.It's a stone throw from Fourways and you wouldn't believe you could find such a peaceful spot so close to the stress of JHB.


Excellent authentic Indian food with great service to boot. They are situated in the Sloane Street shopping center which is in desperate need of an upgrade but it hosts an amazing view over the west of JHB.If you are in the mood for a great currydefinitelyput this on the list as a place to go!

Ristorante La Trinita

Truely authenticate Itilian run by Itialians, Tessa &amp; La-La I think. Seems to be a family affair where every one is welcome.You get a hearty greeting as your walk through the door followed by an enthusiastic introduction to what they have to offer.The food was excellent and we had a great time.This is a place for all occasions with tons of atmosphere and offers a uniquer Italian experience which you won't find easily.

Floyd's Barbershop

The most fun Iv'e had having my hair cut. Sit back, relax and listen to the rocking music while checking out the cool memorabilia they have lining the walls... all while getting you hair done. Worth a visit.


Fratelli always kicks ass, but this one is special since you get the soak in the green side vibe.Nice place to have a meal and then go have a drink at one of the great spots in the surroundings, which I will post on Ayoba asap.

News Cafe-Sandton

Possibly the mostpretentiousplace on earth! Which provides hours and hours ofentrainment!It must have the largest concentration of orange tans andbleached blonde hair in the Southern Hemisphere, so if this is your game you better make a plan to get out there.They have recently re-opened after a re-vamp of the shop and they have done a great job. It has set the bar a little higher for this type of venue. Taboo and the Baron seem to be scrambling to keep up.If pretentious is your vibe the it's Ayoba fo sho! If not I suggest you steer clear.

Cantina Tequila-Fourways

Has a fun authenticate Mexican vibe and great food and cool people. Excellent spot for a birthday or any other special occasion. Not a wedding though, unless u r into that...

Carmella's on the Square

A great breakfast place with plenty to choose from on the menu. Has a sort of country vibe, which is hard to create in a place like cedar square so big up to the owners. Friendly and helpful staff make it all the more enjoyable! Great Place!


Been to TSG a couple of times and I must admit I wasn't 100% happy the first time. But landed up there the other day and had a blast. Food was great, staff were helpfull and the drink were flowing.Great place to go for a quick bite and relaxed meal alike. You could even just pull through for a quick drink at the bar.

Molly Malones

For a classier pub vibe Molly Malones is the place to be. More affectionalety known as Molly's, a place to drop by at any time for that well deserved brewsky.Huge venue for sports events. Made the mistake of going there for some pub grub just after the rugby... got the worst table in the house but on the upside we got front row seats to a pub brawl. Police and all!!! tons of fun.It's also a wi-fi hot spot!


Cool relaxed vibe where you get a chance to chill and smoke some hubbly. I recommend Cubana for chilled drinks or dinner with friends. Since you are in Fourways you have a few options for a party afterwards.

Billy The Bums-Fourways

Pack your drinking shoes for this one!Always a good time with a friendly (up until around 3 AM, but it's time to go home anyway!) fun loving crowd.Apparently billy the bums stands for "Bohemian Upmarket Socialites", some question the accuracy of such a claim, ha haAnyway, you can't go wrong here... unless you get taken away by those cops who camp outside, WTF?

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