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Cafe de la Creme -Melville

WOW! WHAT A PLEASURE!!! I can't wait to get back. From the moment we walked in until we reluctantly left everything was wonderful.The service was not pushy or overbearing. Our waitress was attentive though. She seemed to know exactly when to appear. It is such a pleasure after the franchised hell that is Mugg & Bean!The meals (Brie and bacon sandwich; Prego roll; Baklava; Ice Cream and Chocolate sauce; 2 coffees and 3 cokes) were perfectly sized, fresh and easy to enjoy. The Prego roll's steak was tender enough not to requirea steak knife.The cost was spot on as well. R220 after a handsome and well earned tip.Even the music was perfect for a Sunday.Thanks Cafe de la Creme! It is wonderful to find a non-franchised, independant restaurant which exceeds expectations.

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