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Game-The Boulders Shopping Centre

My mother baught a washing machine Samsung model in 2014 October 10th. Now the machine drum started losing direction and nolonger move in circuler motions and it made a lot of noise and that made us to end up going to the game store in Boulders to ask for the service. The person who helped us told me that we should expect the people who will fix it within 24hours. We patiently waited until they came,they were from Samsung. They were very rude and were no of help at all ,very rude, worse part they did not even want to check if the machine is fixed after claiming they fixed it.They went and we were left trying to check if its working or not by putting some clothes in only to find that it became worse! .My mother tried to call them after they left thinking that maybe they can come back since they were not far,the guy just hung up the phon. This really hurt and dissapointed us because we did not expect that at all. The following day my mother called the people from Samsung and they told her they will look into it,which they did not even bother,instead they called and when we told them what happened with the people that came they seemed like they will do something about it and they did not even today. It is now 3 weeks since we've been waiting and my mother is under a lot of stress and cannot even sleep because she feels she have been robbed after paying the full amount of that machine,faster than expected. We have really ran out of ideas now,that is why I decided to check in the internet if I wont find anywhere where I can complain to. We really hope this message will be read and we will be helped soon. Thank you.

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