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Nandos-Gateway Mall

"Extremly bad service from Gateway Nandos. Staff moved us from one que to the other then when we got to the other, we waited and no one assisted. The store was not busy they were just walking around packing things and the one lady assisted another client that came after us and just ignored us . When the so called manager (Amith) asked if we were assisted, we said no and tried to explain what happen he basically shut us up and said just hang on I will get the ladies on the other side to assist. As a manager he did not even apologise for the inconveniance caused or even be polite about the matter, when we went back to the initail que the 2 ladies were so rude and just gave us attitude. It was a pity that a few of our friends had paid other wise we would have just walked out. Our entire lunch went just by waiting at Nandos Gateway ...will never buy from there again "

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