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MTN-Brooklyn Mall

Went to upgrade contract on Saturday 29/8/2015. Lady who assisted me was very reluctant to assist telling me several reason why a contract converted to pre-paid as I was still deciding cannot be upgraded. She finally agreed to assist when I told her the call centre said it can be done. I had done it two years ago before renewing my contract with no challenges. She told me I will be contacted after the vetting process has been completed. Got an sms on Sunday 30/8/2015 in the morning just after 8h00 that the process has been completed and that I must wait for the shop to contact me. Never got a call from them. Is it laziness or they do not want to work on a Sunday even though they are booked to work I do not know. I will drive there and collect the package as I do not want to go there on Monday when there is traffic on the roads.

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