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Telkom-Eastgate Shopping Center

The service at this store is absolutely pathetic. Nobody wants to work, they all do their personal shopping while the store is jam packed. On Friday Nights and weekends they have skeleton staff, like literally two people attending to customers, The cues are extensively long and we wait for hours on end, it is exhausting and frustrating. Always run out of stock, sales people never follow up or return calls. Its almost a mission impossible to get through to a consultant. There was only one lady who actually did her work and cared, but she was tranfered to JHB CBD over a year ago. I currently have 6 contracts with Telkom and land up spending many many hours at the Eastgate branch, which I have no option, and for all the above reasons I am seriously considering moving back over to CellC, who are always efficient and show professionalism to their customers. I feel that their should be more respect for customers.

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