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Game-The Boulders Shopping Centre

I went to Game in Midrand the Boulders on the 30/08/17 and bought Aromet on promotion with 6 eggs per Aromet. I was sold the Aromet without the eggs and on the slip it was written to be collected and I was promised I will get a call from a personnel. When I went back the following day, a gentleman at the opposite counter to the entrance told me there are no eggs due to chicken flue, but to my suprise there was another promotion on eggs in a tray for R39.99. Up to today I have not received a call. The attitude of the people answering the phone is appalling to disbelieve, the way they answer the phone is like they are sitting in their personal launch having lunch and the phone is a destruction to their peace. I curse the day WE blacks got Democracy since we are burning in Hell from both race, whites on black and worse black on black is sad.

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