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The Glen Shopping Centre

My partner and i attended MIMMOS THE GLEN ON SATURDAY 12/11/2016.WE were sat down by a waiter and then attended to by our waitress, she brought the menus , we then asked her for the cocktail menu which was brought to us but we were not able to order from as our choices were limited to as we were told they do not have the sauces to compile the cocktails. From the list of Cocktails we were told they could only make 3 cocktails namely - THE LONG ISLAND ICED TEA , STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI AND THE MOJITO. I however ended up ordering a Sangria and my Fiance ordered the Iced Tea. We eventually placed our starters along with the drinks. For the main course i ordered the Ham Alfredo and my Fiance ordered the Mexicana Alfredo. The drinks had finally arrived and i now sent back my glass as it was absolutely dirty as if someone had just drunk from it and then was just rinsed and supplied to me along with the sticky jug. When the main Course had arrived my partner’s Mexican Alfredo which was supposed to be Beef Mince looked and tasted as if it was Rubbered Soya Mince tasteless and just not appealing at all she called the waitress who then called the Manager – MR Klein. MR Klein had explained that it is pure Beef Mince was now 20% Fat and 80% meat we had accepted he’s explanation we sent it back and eventually ordered 2 Large Pizza’s as take-aways as well as my Pasta which i had not completed. The Take aways arrived as well the Bill. We were now just finishing up our drinks in order to leave , my fiancé wanted to eat the fruit from the glass of the ICED TEA and found the oranges in the glass were now rotten. We called the waitress again and showed it to her the whole thing was black she went to MR Klein and explained to him he was outside at the time smoking. Eventually he came inside but went straight to the till to Void the ICED TEA from the bill which we not happy about as all we wanted to do was address him with the complaint and nothing else. My fiance now calling the waitress to find out what is the delay of the Manger coming to us she kept on saying he is coming he is removing it from the bill from the time he was smoking right till then she said he is coming which he had no intentions of doing, after removing it from the bill he went to watch the soccer eventually we called for him again we could see he was getting furious for now having to come back to us, eventually Mr Klein arrives more frustrating from the waiting of hes arrival she mentions to him how are you going to explain the rotten orange now he said “WELL” I have removed it from your bill what more do you want unbelievable so she says to him i did not want you to remove it from the bill because i am not here looking for discounts we came here to eat as we always do but unfortunately this was not like any of the other times this is very sad to know what is actually going on in that Kitchen are you going to tell me this orange is 20% fruit and 80% rotten he says excuse me but if you go into Pick N Pay and purchase fruits you will find rotten stuff so who will you blame then he said i can not be in the kitchen and over see every meal coming out of the kitchen “if anyone reading this is the manager of a restaurant what exactly would your job be ” he gave us a whole lot of attitude and even told her to stay away from Restaurants the nerve of this man. Our Bill had come to R408.00 ex the tip eventually i was so pissed off that i told her to just leave the take aways behind and so he could probably resell it but she eventually gave it to the staff. I Really would not recommend this Specific Mimmos to any individual i am not clued up on the other locations of Mimmos but this one gives all Mimmos a bad name i personally want to get the Health Inspector involved as well as the Restaurant Ombudsman for the exceptionally terrible treatment received. He treated us as if he we were beggars off the street who went and begged for food in he’s restaurant no person should be treated in that way he actually told us take the orange and you can do whatever you want to with it put it on social media face book hello peter i don’t care .OMG this dude. “THIS IS NOT ON NOT WITH A HUGE FRANCHISE LIKE THIS WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS BEING PROVIDED TO CUSTOMERS I PERSONALLY THINK HEALTH INSPECTORS SHOULD GET INVOLVED WITH THIS LOCATED FRANCHISE AS PEOPLE ARE BOUND TO GET SICK IF THE MATTER PERSISTS.

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