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The Doors

Ahh, The Doors. I'm upvoting The Doors, purely because I have had many years of ridiculously epic parties there.They play some decent rock / metal, not as hard as I would like, but it gets the job done if you want to have a good mosh.Can pretty much guarantee a good time there, for any and all patrons as long as you're under 23.

Toyko Star

Was a little err... Under the weather, no wait I lie. I was rockstar drunk by the time we got there, after some Tequila treatment at <a href="http://www.ayoba.com/business/Gin">http://www.ayoba.com/business/Gin</a>.Awesome music, which I remember jamming to, friendly crowd. Overall good time!

Signature Restaurant-Morningside Shopping Center

Having not made a reservation for a Friday night at 7 o'clock, we were expecting the worst, the place was packed out and fully booked. Luckily for us, the amazingly skilled and friendly manager was at hand. He shuffled tables, slid patrons, waved wands and moved mountains and we had a table... for 7. The waiter was prepared and ready for our drinks the moment we sat down, quick, friendly efficient, what more could you ask for. While waiting for our drinks we were serenaded by a live band, piano, singing and some strings, nice and relaxing. The place is well decorated making for a pleasant atmosphere, while you admire the view out of their huge windows.Browsing through the menu there was a fantastic choice of food, pretty much whatever you could feel like. Starters were fantastic, but as the mains arrived i instantly regretted my choice of Oxtail, the steaks looked and tasted amazing, as did the ribs. My Oxtail however, looked like it came out of a can of dog food. Edible but certainly not a repeat order.All told if you don't mind paying the price (and you don't order the Oxtail) you will enjoy every moment of it.


They do a whole host of Oriental food, but their speciality is sushi.Every day they have a different half price special. Delicious food, and really good prices. Not a place to be missed.


Awesome club / bar vibe, you can really take a load off, listen to some good music, dance and meet some rad people. Seems like the kinda place where you get to just be who you want to be.Will definitely go back.

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