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ABSA - Branch-Fourways Mall

I would like to get the ABSA branch manager email address. I have a complaint on Customer care.

ABSA - Branch-Fourways Mall

I came to ABSA four ways on Saturday 20 May, 2017 to open a non-resident account. I was served by Conny Mabasa. I was from the beginning discouraged to open the account at ABSA Fourways branch but to go to Randburg (the centre of non-resident accounts) where it would be faster. I was told that it had taken up to three months for one to open a similar account at ABSA Fourways. I wanted to complete the bunch of forms I was given and leave them as I was soon to leave South Africa. Again I was discouraged and told to go and complete them at home. I however, completed them in the Bank. I asked Conny to check for me whether I had completed correctly but there was no assistance forthcoming. I even mentioned to Conny that it was as if she was discouraging me to open an account with them . I was given a Randburg phone number and address , which I phoned Monday 22 May only to be told in Randburg they do not do that, after I had travelled all the way to Randburg. I contacted Conny who asked me to come back to ABSA Fourways. I even asked to speak to the Branch Manager and before I got back to her again, Connie promised to help. So I left it there. I went back to ABSA Fourways on Tuesday 23 May then my forms were accepted, but with no one checking them for completeness. Today 26 June 2017, I emailed Conny Mabasa . Her response was she was on leave and only came back to work today. I asked her whether all business stops when she is on leave. She responded that the responses come to her email so if she is not present no one can attend to my queries. She then told me I had to come and complete some forms. Then I said but I am a non resident I do not live in South Africa? Then I am told forms can be sent. I just want to register my disappointment with ABSA service. I particularly wanted to open a non-resident account with your bank to facilitate my mortgage stop orders in ABSA. However, on Wednesday 24 May before I left South Africa, I went to a neighboring bank near ABSA. As I speak, I managed to open a nonresident account in a week and a card has already been couriered to my country. This is the type of service we expect . Just wanted to bring this to your attention as you might continue to loose clients. The service is appalling. I would like to have the Fourways ABSA Bank Manager's email so that I can forward my correspondence with your Bank official . Disappointed ABSA client!

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