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Telkom-Trade Route Mall

What a disappointment !!!!! The employers are sooo slow and incompetent .... I recently went in to open up a contract on a tablet ... One person says yes we have stock .the next says no we don't ! Anyways I wait 3-4 days before I have to call them to find out if there stock has arrived. They say yes everything is approved please come in . I go in today saturday 6 feb ...onli to wait for half an hour before the manager helps me . Might I say Veli is very unprofessional not even a smile ..... He then says he needs more bank details for me as he is the maanger and he is the only one to approve my contract . In the process making me feel soo small and like a suspicious person . I really feel everybody in that store needs a wake up on how to treat PAYING CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!! I really feel like cancelling all the paper work and telling ur TELKOM employees to go to HELL !

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