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Tokyo Sky-Fourways

Tokyo sky is a pawdy!!!! if your a student and strapped for cash its not too bad coz of the low entrance cost however drinks are still a tad pricey but thats what car bars are for!! so come and pawty!!!! like rawk staws!

Olive Lounge

Olive lounge is an awesome place for all to enjoy.This is a very special place for the alternative people, its a friendly environment where you will feel right at home. Olive lounge can be a bar to a dance club you name it , it has it. You can also enjoy live entertainment from time to time. There is an upcoming Enmity Album launch "Murderabilia" for example. So Emo,screamo,metal head,psychobilly, jock haha we dont really care come on down and get your rock and roll pants on and pawdy!

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