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Billy The Bums-Fourways

I agree: I've never had a bad time at Billy's, and I'm not really the "party animal" type at all, making it all the more impressive that I was won over so completely. Great atmosphere for the older (i.e. 25 and up) crowd, relaxed (unless you don't want it to be ;) and an excellent place to meet people both old and new.On the whole, good times. :)


Also worth noting is that Metro has (in my opinion) the <span style="font-style: italic;">greatest</span> burgers in the land, hands down. Their Metro cheeseburgers are ridiculously awesome! :)

Post Office-Benmore

This may seem odd, but I want to let people know that this particular branch of the SAPO really rocks out. :)Normally, the SA postal service is given a bad reputation, but in this case, they have always done everything they can to prove otherwise, and I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is due.The guy who handles the international parcels is always friendly and helpful and remembers customers, which really helps the overall experience, and the post-mistress is amazing: courteous and thoroughly professional. She went above and beyond on a package that I had assumed had been "donated" somewhere along the line, but she managed to track it down and pick it up for me, as well as called me to let me know. (As it turns out, it had "got lost" somewhere in the Customs chain down in Cape Town before it even hit the PO.) As mentioned, I believe in giving credit where it is due, and I want to let people know about the outstanding service from this particular SAPO branch, especially from a national service that many South Africans have come to distrust and expect the worst from.In short, if you need to send or receive anything and you're ever around the Benmore area, I would highly recommend visiting this branch. :)

Delhi Dharbar North Indian Tandoori Restaurant

The food at Delhi Dharbar is absolutely delicious, and I have to<i> highly</i> recommend the restaurant to anyone with a taste for Indian. :)The food was great, the service was friendly and fast, and the premises clean and well kept. The only oddity was the location: it's on 11th Avenue, which is a strip of shops <i>behind</i> the Benmore Shopping centre, not technically inside it, and Delhi Dharbar itself looks like quite a small place from the outside. Fortunately, that is all deceptive, as it's bigger inside.<p class="MsoNormal">On the whole, an excellent place to eat. :)

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