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Nino’s-The Pavilion

To whom it may concern, This is now the third bad experience I have had at Ninos (pavilion). The first time there were ice chips floating around in my butternut soup. (we were told that the ovens had a problem due to renovations) The second time the food was cold and tasteless (we were told it’s a new chef and was given an apology.) Upon granting the restaurant a third chance on the 14/03/2015, I was utterly disappointed. My mom and I ordered the Ninos Grande breakfasts with an added side of chips. Our Italian sausages were raw, the fat attached the steak served was way too much, and my steak was rare – still seeping with blood. I sent the steak back to be re-done, shortly after I sent the sausages back to be redone as well, and the sausages that were then given to us was still raw. My mom, who is a diabetic patient and therefore is sensitive to her dietary intake, was ill for the rest of the day due to the undercooked food. I have taken pictures on my cell phone of the food and can send it through upon request. I verbally complained to Ismail (who is apparently a new manager at the store), and my waiter was Latay. They were both very apologetic however offered no compensation or solution to the problem. I am utterly disappointed and saddened as I often dine out and organise social and corporate events and I feel let down to know that your establishment is not one of those on my list at this point. I sincerely hope a change is made. I look forward to your reply.

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