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MTN-The Glen Shopping Centre

I got a contract for an iPhone from this store, it took 3 days (instead 24 hours) to get my number ported from Vodacom to MTN, and I had to go back to this store 3 times ( in 3 days consecutively, as per advice from the MTN Telephone Customer Service Centre) to get assistance with the Port, and each time I went back, I would get a different story of why the Porting is taking sooo long, it appeared that the people there were not sure of what they were talking about in fact, one of the ladies helping me was sweet although she was not very helpful (except on the day I got the contract app approved and when I collected the phone), but there was another one with glasses, she spoke Xhosa, she had so much attitude and instead of trying to help me as a frustrated customer and clearly explaining to me what was happening, she had a very defensive attitude towards everything, and also acted like she was doing me a favour. To make matters worse, when i was finally Ported to MTN, I then discovered that my new sim card was not RICA'd, this is after I had given them all the necessary documents and we went through the RICA process on the day on which I collected the iPhone. To cut a long story, I got a new phone and it took me almost a week to get the new phone working from the day of its collection. I was not impressed with the service I got at all.

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