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MTN-The Glen Shopping Centre

I have been a MTN client for as long as I can remember and I am very unhappy with the treatment I received from your Southgate Lower level store (Store B) this morning. The signs on the at the door stipulate that the shop opens at 9am. Myself and another client waited outside until 09H08 before I complaint to be attended to, as the doors were still closed. While waiting outside, the staff inside( 2 gentlemen and 2 ladies) kept on chatting among themselves and looking at us without any attendance whatsoever. I had to complian before one of the ladies came to the door. When asked whether I they not supposed to open at 9am as stipulated, with an attitude , she told us they are doing stock taking, which I don’t have an issue with. My problem is that as Customers, we wouldn’t have guessed that they are busy with stock taking. Courtesy and proper customer service would have been that at least one of them to come inform us of such and apologise for the inconvenience. None of that was done, instead she gave me such a disrespectful look and attitude. I then requested to speak to the manager and I was informed that he/she is very busy to talk to me. I requested the managers name and number, I was again told that it cannot be given to me. This shows the level of incompetency and poor customer service in that shop. I had to go the upper Level MTN(Store A) where I received GREAT Service from Madisa Ralebofu All this is completely against The rights of Customers that you promise and also against the KEY Commitments displayed in your shops regarding the service to your customers. The Lady (who is light in complexion) did not allow me to follow the complaints procedure correctly as she withheld the information I needed. I NEED THIS TO BE URGENTLY ADDRESSED, AND I DEMAND AN APOLOGY FROM THE LADY AND THE STORE MANAGER.

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