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Tabea's Catering and Deco

They really knows how to do staff.

Metro FM

You will never go wrong with metro FM and @Sunday times on sunday. Metro FM plays the hottest RNB tunes ever.

Sunday Times

Really enjoy making time onSundayjust for Sunday times. The paper is filled with good information, really worth it. Myfavoritesare politics, sport, business, money. But you can get more than that. After spending 3 to 4 hours reading sunday times, i really feel like I`m up-to-date with what ever is happening in south africa, and what ever happened during the week.Sunday time isdefinitely AYOBAFUL !!!!

Nandos-Waterfall Mall

Went there after running around the mall.Its spacious, great view and service is good. One good place to chill when you driving to or from Maftown via N4

Y-FM 99.2

As a member of south African youth, i think it is important to share my experience based on the greatest service I always get from YFM. Maybe I've been a fan since my student days, but there was a time when YFM was blazing HOT. There line up was as follows<ul><li>Thato and Thato in the morning. (Dj Fresh)</li><li>Khabzela and Dreshni (May his soul rest in peace).</li><li>Rudeboy Paul and Unathi</li><li>Then Bad-boy T Lee and Sanza.</li></ul>Damn the combination was good, then on Sundays Khabzela would chat with majita from jail, the way he motivated the guys, you wouldn't believe that the was a former Taxi driver, but he didn't take any crap though :).Then there was the underdog, DJ Sbu, always came in as asubstitute, and the pushed all the way to the top. Today he is YFM, His breakfast show is HOT. The motivation, the bringing up of youentrepreneurs is really making an impact in Gauteng youth.Maybe I digg the guy too much, but he is one celebrity that's focused and chasing paper like hell. One thing I realised though, is that he likes Jzee, and I know its not all about music, is about paper.

Ster Kinekor-Sandton City

I watch most the movies @ sandton city SK. They've got enough theatres which is good. Hottest thing is the 3D studio. Damn, its like a business class in a plane. Watched Step up 3 on 3D. Movie was ok, not wow, but the Soun, picture and the seats, 100 perc ayoba.


I this case, MTN is not Ayoba. I'm not the MTN subscriber my self, but I wish they could do something with their default voicemail system or Wat eva it. It goes like "The number you have dialed is not available at present. You may not leave the message. MTN will .......to send you number click ..... to leave alternative number......:" - Can you please shut up woman Lol. What happened to "Number you have dialed is not available, leave the tone after the beep"

Shisa Nyama-Midrand

One of the best spot in Jozi. Check it out every sunday. Can bring your own bottle or cooler box before 3pm

Mugg & Bean-Melville

I luv mugg &amp; bean but the melville one, not ayoba. Service is good, but the place doesn't look like mugg &amp; bean. Worst, its dirty, the couch looks so dirty as if they never cleaned it since 1652. NOT AYOBA

@ Cafe 52

Bad bad bad. I think its better to stick to what I know. Nothing beats nando's livers if you wonna try some. Checked out cafe 52 in kimberly and had livers, gosh, My lil sister can cook better than that. Even if she puts sugar in the liver they will taste better that what Cafe 52 offers. They might have something good in the menu, but dont try livers please!.Thats just my bad choice. Other than that, the waiter pitched doing things allprofessional, taking orders without writing, and forgot most of the staff. As we were there, this other dudestarted screaming claiming he ordered ice cream for his kids 20 minutes ago. Drama drama drama. But with the kinda service we got, I believe him. So watch out, NOT AYOBA


Best pizza in town. Build your own pizza. Open 24 hours on weekends, and till late during weekdays.

McDonalds-Auckland Park

McDonalds is always good. As much as you try to be on diet, scared to gain some kilos, you gotta miss the McFlurry ha ha. I went to McD auckland park the other day. Had my McFeast and it was good till i realised the burger is a bit raw. Not Ayoba of course, and I was about to finish it. Went to the till and complained to the manager. Without hesitation the guy wanted offered me a new meal with the drink. was already full therefore i settled for a smallanyana burger. But i could see on the guys face he felt so guilty he wanted to do anything in his power to make me feel better. Aint fussy mos, that was AYOBA

Waterfall Garden Centre

My mom dragged me to the place, and irealizedi can use their service the day I decide to have a garden of my own. As if it will ever happen :) . But if you like flowers, beautiful garden, it is definitely a place to check out

Metro FM

When coming to radio, I listen to good shows, not everything and and every crap that plays. Now for metro FM, I recommend<ul><li>Glen and Unathi on the drive time show. I just love Unathi's voice damn :) .</li><li>Robert Marawa, monday to friday @ 6 PM. I dont think Marawa has a competition when coming to sport in the media industry. The guy is good and always updated when coming to SA soccer. Runs couple of interviews and he runs them very well.</li><li>Then whole of sunday for a relaxing RnB Jamzzz.</li></ul>


Think twice before you take your phone to this guys. They will quote you fine!!! But if you reject their quote you pay R150. I mean WTF!!!! Simply because it takes long to diagnose bla bla bla bla. GIVE ME A BREAK

Markham-Sandton City

Nice sliq mens clothes.Disappointed in their shoes though, too much plastic. Formal shirts, suit and smart casual, Markham is the place 2 be

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