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Sissy Boy-The Zone @ Rosebank

Ladys today acted like they were doing me a favour -they were full attitude and didn't even want to take a tackie off the model for me to try on!they had to ask me 2-3times must we take it off for you?disgusting!!!!the manager was totally not interested-she waltzed in for 2mins and didn't even greet me or acknowledge me as a customer!she was more interested in her hectic social life or shopping she had to get back to NOT the store or its customers!!!!She was soo snobbish I was shocked -to have a manager not spend any time in het own store and ignore customers is a first for me!the sales lady with the short hair was even more of a problem than the one with the long hair!But what can u expect in a store who's manager is not interested in its customers at all!!!!

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