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San Marina-Sandton City

Good day, I called your Canal Walk branch to inquire about a black suede Cosmo ankle boot I wanted to buy and was told two very different stories by the manager and staff member. First a customer reserved it because she wasn't sure wanted to take them and paid a deposit of R1000 for the two pairs for herself and her daughter. Then the manager came on and said an old customer was taking it for herself and sister in law and paid a deposit of R1500. I detest lazy staff and even more so, staff who lie to customers. Your Waerfront branch operates with a much greater level of professionalism than Canal Walk does and is quite embarrassing taking overseas customers to your store and getting this sort of response. I was not aware that customers could pay deposits on sale shoes. I was told that shoes are kept on reserve for 1 to 2 days and will call on Sunday to determine if they have been purchased. If not and they still insist on keeping them then I think your policies need reviewing or your staff need reprimanding. I can appreciate someone reserving shoes for a day or 2 but don't lie about the circumstances. Kind regards Debbi

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