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Roco Mamas-Appletons Village

Roco Mamas advertises chicken wings on their menu. However what they supply are drummets and flatlets separately. I Consulted Rainbow Chickens who confirm that a chicken wing consists of three connected parts i.e. a drummet, a flatlet and a winglet. Serving drummets and flatlets separately and calling each of them a wing make the “chicken wings” meal a complete rip-off and is barely a starter never mind a meal in quantity. The price was R44.00 for 8 “wings”. I questioned the manager regarding the portion and he was rude, unsympathetic, most unhelpful and disinterested in what was initially a query. He was not interested in offering a solution or any explanation and his attitude was disgusting. His public relations for a new business was shocking and others witnessed this. He offered no apology and merely suggested that I order more “wings” and he would continue charge for them. The food was tasty but in principle I will not return to this venue. Also see review on Hello Peter.

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