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Telkom-Southgate Mall

Aztec router when down 5/8/2017...called Telkom was told to go to the store... When to Southgate was sold a new router, bought the new router (old router still under warranty ) was then told that he will receive a call on the following Tuesday 8/8...left the country on the 6/8...I left the invoice and the Aztec router with my mom in law as he was told he will receive a call till date...I messaged my son and told me he was not contacted I should take it in. Went I got there they said they don't do refunds but I should get a ref. no. so they can send in the Aztec router for repairs or replacement...hello what I'm I gonna do with two routers...the representative is GD0 that sold the router and made the promise to call...I was told to call the call centre to get a ref so that the Aztec can be sent in...I called spoke to Sisanda she said the information was incorrect...the Aztec routers when down on Sunday and the technicians were working on it...I'm on D-Link so how will they work on my problem..asked to speak to the manager...she doesn't know him/her. .not assigned to a team leader....what appalling service...nobody take ownership...all kinds of avoidance tactics were used....I then tried to call Southgate was engaged at first then just rang and rang...time of my call about 15:15 was on the call for 35:35mins on the 24/8...not ayoba

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