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The Cross Trainer-Sunnypark

Yesterday 01 October 2016, me and a friend walked into The Cross Trainer, Sunnypark to buy two pairs of Nike Cortez for me and my friend. The sales consultant who assisted us brought a size 4 for my friend and a size 6 for me which I went ahead and onto my left foot to check if it fit and it did. We walked with the consultant to the cunter so we can pay. Another consultant helped us pay. We told her that we would like one invoice but we would be swiping two cards but then she said it was impossible we would have to pay separately. My friend then paid for hers first and also bought socks in the process, she paid and it was done. I paid for mine and that was done. Together with the plastics that I had, i grabbed the plastic that had the shoes and went to sit down as my friend was putting hers on immediately. We left the shop around 17:55. Later on when we got home i took out the shoe box so i can fit it and i felt it was light weight. I opened it and there was nothing in the box. I doubled checked my friends box to see if maybe i had the wrong plastic and still no shoes in there. The following day 02 October 2016 I went back to the store 09:20 to tell them about my discovery and the lady who said shes the manager (Same lady we paid with) said that it was impossible. She opened the box to check the shoes, but she didn't. Both me and my friend saw that she didn't. I asked how do we go about with this as I paid for something i don't have and she said she does not know. I'm planning on going back today 02 October 2016 to hear what will happen now since I paid for nothing!

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