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Telkom-Greenstone Shopping Centre

Went to the Telkom store at Greenstone shopping mall on Saturday 2nd April 2016. MY husband and I were third in the queue, not so bad. We waited for just over 45 minutes in the queue before we were attended to. When we finally got served, the attendant Latoya was so rude, didn't greet after our long wait in the queue, we greeted her. Thereafter she had such an attitude when she attended to our request. She was not apologetic in any way for her rude service and didn't attempt to even be friendly after we voiced our opinion. There doesn't seem to be any urgency to assist customers at this store. The staff just go on about their work at a very slow pace with no concern for the people waiting in the queue's. This is not the first time that service was poor at this branch. Totally appalled at the service we received.

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