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Having a pleasant dinner with my wife, she ordered a Portuguese steak medium rare. We got a lightly seared steak, still cold in the middle, so politely asked waiter to take it back for a bit more cooking.Next thing I have this thug Chris hanging over me trying to intimidate me, telling me how he somehow is a better judge of raw steak than I am.My reaction was to remain calm, speak quietly, but remain firm. His reaction was to start shouting and become personal in his verbal abuse of me. My wife started to cry as she felt this a$$h0le was going to become physically violent.We are then told we are not welcome at his restaurant again - as if we would ever even dream of going back.So much for customer service!The waiters were so embarassed they did not know where to look, and the other customers in the restaurant seemed as shocked as we were.Great way to run a business Chris - Probably would be better if you went back to bouncing at nightclubs.

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