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Southern Toyota Lenasia -Trade Route Mall

I had my car booked for a services at Southern Toyota Lenasia on the 6th May 2015 6:30 am. I was the first car in which I paid cash for the services but to my disappointment when I received my car as usually the aircon was on, the fan was on full blast and my car Radio/ CD play refused to work .When I gave my car in for service all was in working order. I called Southern Toyota questioning them what they did to my car radio cd player. The owner Mohammed Cassim is in overseas . I then requested to speak to the next person in charge who was TONY the service manager when he came to the phone he was rude (disgusting person). Tony has no respect for women and the manner in which he addressed my call. I complained to him that My car Radio cd player was working when it was taken in for services but now it NOT, he told me that the car has been at the carwash maybe water been in and below the fuse and I must bring back car after all the argument. I did take my car back to TONY on the same day and he told my husband that he cant do anything in a rude manner with attitude (why call and promise he will check the fault) and i can take this matter to Hello Peter and Toyota SA. Been manager for Southern Toyota I don’t think that should be his approach. The only thing I request is for my car cd player to be repaired by Southern Toyota Lenasia and not to be insulted by a Manger that’s doesn’t not know how to address customer in proper manner and yet I Paid the price for having my car services and my car Radio broken by Southern Toyota staff. Please do NOT support Southern Toyata as they cannot Services Customer in good welcoming manner.

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