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Doppio Zero-Sandton City

Doppio Zero upstairs give you a close and brilliant view of Katherine and rivonia road intersection. Great place to unwind while enjoying your food and drinks

Burgersdorp Home Affairs

The staff was very friendly and quick to respond to my questions

MTN-Campus Square

I tried to open an account and first called to see what i need to bring along they said bank statements and a letter head , I said i had the statements but do not have a letter head as i run an online sales company , they said it was not good enough so i said I would like to pay for my contract upfront they said i cannot do this either, How unprofessional that they turned me away after i wanted to either pay for my account upfront or bring 3 months statements, WHY can you not pay your contract upfront !!!! How pathetic..!

Golden Jewellers-Gateway Mall

I totally agree with janvandermerwer's comments. Please dont buy anything from GOLDEN JEWELERS as the owner of this store will never assist you even especially wen he is at fault. His jewelry is not manufactured properly and as Mr vandermerver said they sell substandard jewelery. DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS ME AND BUY FROM THEM.??

ackermans -Southdale Shopping Center

i get in ackermans to open acc then give me buying power of 1500 from 2015/11 then i start to pay on 2015/12. stallmant was 160 then i pay 150 by mistake.after i pay 200 every month for 7 plus that 150 witch mean i pay 1550 then i used 250 plus 120 is 370 but acc is increes.now balance is 1300 and something why.i ask were say to me i have policy at hollard.i ask my self how hollard still my money from ackermans.and be for some 1 call me says is from ackermans.i was in taxi i told her to call me after 2 hrs he didnt come back to me till now.i notice that my acc is not decress still one place.and i didnt agree to join and sighn to hollard.ackermans say must i call them.i try to call today i loose R50 no unswer line busy so how can i spend money to call the thiefth and how can take money from ackermans wethout knowing then and this person used name of my faverate shop.i report this to my lawyer says i may ask hollard to bring money back to ackermans.and ackermans start to alocate my expenses.for my site sort this out be for i pay.and can do what ever we will go ahead untill you meet the person from hollard.course now i already pay amount of 1550 from 1500 maybe i left with intrest of 350.i will pay 350 after forget about me.thankQ

The Cleaning Brothers -Melrose Arch

"The Cleaning Brother in Melrose Arch is extremely unprofessional. Took a dress in for stitching and a pair of shoes for fixing. Returned the next day at the time they advise, were not done with any of my stuff. Delivered it late and ruined. The manager/ owner of franchise Denise beakers and gets into arguments with her tenants/ service team in front of the client about witchery and voodoo spells on each other. on the third day still no service done to my dress and shoes. She proceeded to advise i was unreasonable for following up on when they would be done. "

Shimansky - The Art of Diamonds-The Pavilion

I would like to have the below listings removed from your site please. We have closed this store, please let me know if you are able to assist. http://www.ayoba.com/business/Shimansky-TheArtofDiamondsThePavilion http://www.ayoba.com/business/map/Shimansky-TheArtofDiamondsThePavilion Regards Chantell 0214027933

African Bank-Campus Square

i did a loan three days ago at AFRICAN bank campus square, they told me it would be paid in 48 hours i work near there i am constantly going there to check if its approved and they give me a story about thier manager not being there im still waiting as it is an emergency im pissed i dont know what else to do .

Bolobedu Police Station

school pupils theu are afraid to go to school because they are getting attacked by strange unrobers at school or on their way to school Bolobedu is no longer save innocent people are being killed or injured by those unrobers for nothing and seems like the SAPS has nothing to do with them, why do they let our people suffer while it is their duty to help why don't they hold down to criminal's cases and the community is afraid of taking action by their own because the law of guilt will charge against them please I do no see any use of having a police station around bolobedu ga modjadji because its like holding a candle that its light can not reflect the whole of its shadow and im not proud of you

MTN-Key West Shopping Centre

I upgraded 10 days ago to the phone/tv combo. Still no tv. I am suppose to pay R399 from 1 September but R460.50 was debited from my bank. When I spoke to the lady she was rude and unhelpfull

Life Grande Café

this place is rocking the service is exellent, its classy chilling sophisticated, is a place to be for coffee love it.

Telkom-KeyWest Shopping Centre

No answer the whole day at the shop even wasting my money on customer care, ive then seen this pathetic service,!!!!!

@Home-MooiRivier Mall

It has happened twice now that the price on the shelf and the one at the till differ remarkably. On Sunday, 28 Aug we purchased a 9 piece Baccarat cooking set. It was marked R 4499 on the shelf, but after checking my slip, I saw that I was charged R4 999. I am very cross about this. It is a difference of R500. At another occasion A coriander was also R50 more than the price on the shelf. I understand that prices increase all the time, but we are brought under false impressions. Please look into this matter


Steers in general is good. Great burger and thee special and famous chips. This one is also good however be prepared for a while should you visit them weekends in the afternoons

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